Sketching at the museum

When you go through orientation at Ball State, you receive your university email address. After, you can decide what kind of emails you want to receive from Ball State. You can choose to subscribe to emails about athletics, events on campus, etc. For instance, this weekend I received emails about the Oprah and David Letterman tickets being sold out, information about a debate competition, German Club’s movie night and an open house at the library.

Some people delete the emails immediately when the subject line doesn’t seem like anything that would interest them, but I like to read them all so I know what’s going on around campus. And once in a while, you’ll find something really neat that you weren’t expecting. For example, the David Owsley Museum of Art sends out weekly emails about events going on there. Every Friday at 3:30, they designate time to sketch at the museum. You can pick up pencils, sketch boards and paper at the front desk, and let your inner artist shine! I went with a friend this past Friday and it was really fun. Plus, the art museum is one of the prettiest buildings on campus.

Here’s my sketch. What do you think!?

My best attempt at sketching Buddha!

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